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I don’t wanna play any more

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Thinkin’ about learning how to play League of Legends because despite nobody telling me I should play it, I feel peer pressured just by the fact that everyone I know plays

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What’s that in the background?

That is an alarm clock that I’ve turned down on its face because the display is unreasonably bright.

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Finally learned to take in shirts to fit my unnaturally skinny self, so this shirt now only fits one Josh, instead of the three it could’ve fit a couple hours ago

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Kingdom Hearts ♛ Enemies
Heartless ━ [1/??]

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LFC reveal stadium expansion vision (x)

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Anfield Expansion

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One time I was hanging out with a bunch of guys and one was this overtly masculine type who got a little heated at me because apparently from the back he thought I was a girl and was about to hit on me. Coulda sworn dude was just projecting previous embarrassment on me, but now that I’m seeing what I look like from behind, I don’t blame him for wanting to hit that.